Thursday, December 10, 2009

Album of the Month -December 2009

Misery Signals - Controller (2008)

So I've listened to this album a few times but today it really hit me on the way to class. The crisp and bleak weather outside brought out its greatness, as well as snow beginning to fall as soon as "Set in Motion" started.

Misery Signals, hailing from Wisconsin are in my opinion one of the most talented Metalcore bands out there, building from the ashes of early 2000's act 7 Angles 7 Plagues. In Controller, their latest album there is an amazing mix of brutality with incredible sense of melody and structure. Vocalist Karl Schubach's vocals are a throaty harshness but articulate every word, letting the listener appreciate the lyrics, which do not suck.

Epic in its scope, Controller the best of all metalcore elements: great technical guitar playing, some intense breakdowns and some lighter moments with soaring clean choruses and more post-rock 90's emocore guitar parts thrown in.

Standout Tracks:

A Certain Death

"Look inside and ask yourself why
Why would you really want to live forever
Every breath expelled together

In faith alone in place apart
Be there to meet your maker"

Ebb and Flow -here is the acoustic b-side to one of their already more melodic tracks

Set in Motion

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