Thursday, December 17, 2009

HeyWalkuh's 2009 in Music: Top Pix

I thought a good way to wrap up the year and really get this blog going is to do something on my favorite albums of 2009. I was inspired in creating my own list after seeing TIME Magazine's Top 10 and being utterly baffled by the ordering and the combination of artists.


1. Brad Paisley, American Saturday Night
2. Dirty Projectors,
Bitte Orca
3. Mastodon,
Crack The Skye
4. Miranda Lambert,
5. Phoenix,
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
6. The-Dream,
Love vs. Money
7. Raekwon,
Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Pt. II
8. Grizzly Bear,
9. The Avett Brothers,
I And Love And You
10. Lady Gaga,
The Fame Monster

REALLY TIME? REALLY? It seems strange to see such a mix of artist, without a rhyme or reason as to why it was these artists and the order in which they appear. It is hard to justify a list with Brad Paisley as #1 followed by The Dirty Projectors and Mastodon. It makes the list incredibly obtuse in the sense that I don't know if any music listener would find all ten of these album simultaneously appealing.

Instead I provide for you my own list, a multi-part series with an insight into why I picked what I did. I will choose not to have a numerical order, rather just try to showcase what has been blowing up my speakers this year.

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