Monday, March 8, 2010

Documentary Review: American Hardcore

Sorry for no updates in so long, been too busy. Currently procrastinating writing a paper so here we go. Recently got Netflix and have been loving in it. The instant streaming definitely makes the whole gig worth it, especially when I can watch the stream on my PS3. Recently sent away for American Hardcore, a documentary cataloguing the rise of Hardcore Punk in the U.S. from 1980-1986. Although overall interesting, I feel very few people were really be able to relate to the presentation. The focus falls on the two main scenes, DC and Southern California and the different enclaves and clicks of the music. Many of those interviewed (Cro-mags, Circle Jerks, Black Flag) are still very pissed at their conceptions of a Reagan era authority figure coming down on them hard. It seems a number of those involved in the scene never really "grew up" choosing to hold in their teenage maturity of lashing out at the powers that be. Henry Rollins interview bits are always a joy for me and helped keep me interested

With the exception of excellent acts like Rollins-era Black Flag, Bad Brains and a few others, the music presented in the DVD is almost unlistenable, both the intent and the incredibly poor recording quality. This Doc has some really great elements but could have been organized and edited in a way that appeals to a greater audience. But perhaps the filmakers wanted to maintain the exclusivity of the old scene, in a "you just wouldn't understand" character of documentary making. Overall still worth a watch, but I've seen better on the same topic.

This video is great to me, wish there was more like this. Rollins interviewed by a Dearborn punk on an 86' tour date.

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  1. The line in the description for that Hank interview on YouTube is priceless: "Interviewing Henry is like hunting a never know when they will turn and you will become the prey!"