Tuesday, November 23, 2010

(Relatively) New Music

Searching for new tunes used to be such an extreme passion of mine, but I think I have fallen off that wagon. No longer being at school, it seems like more work and less fun to check out new music. Must be a sign of old age. However, there have been some pretty hot Daytrotter sessions of late that made me think about new bands as well as some of my old favorites.


The (fake) mustachioed duo are at it again with hip hop beats and their drastically different voices. Always thought they did some really unique stuff. Check out "The Moon Asked The Crow"

Circa Survive

While it has taken a while for this Anthony Green incarnation to grow on me, the kind of music making they have been moving into makes me excited for the future.


Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) is at it again in a supergroup comprised of more than 20 members. Despite the huge lineup, his distinctive voice shines through in this near-perfect Sade cover:

Tim Kasher

As always, Tim Kasher is a mega bummer in the most beautiful way. He never seems to disappoint, accept for in my case, Cursive's Happy Hollow

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