Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Album O' the day: The Good Life - Album of the Year

Really loving this album today. I have been in to Tim Kasher for a while, starting with of course Cursive and then delving into his back catalogue in Omaha of Commander Venus, Slowdown Virginia ect. Perhaps my favorite thing about him in any incarnation is the music has really grown. Lyrically its always been powerful, but with each project nuances are added. While I haven't loved everything (Happy Hallow) I am glad to have journeyed without the music throughout my college career. This album and Cursive's Mama, I'm Swollen have a similar tone that I have been digging for the past while. Kasher's delivery is earnest and heartfelt, developing from the raw outbursts and emotion of the early releases with more reflective and melancholy later tunes that showcase his songwriting chops. Maybe not for everyone, but certainly worth a try for fans of other Saddle Creek Artists ( Bright Eyes, Azure Ray, The Faint, Rilo Kiley)

For those new to Cursive/ Kasher, some gems to check out:

Cursive - Burst and Bloom EP
The Ugly Organ
Mama, I'm Swollen

recommend all these albums in their entirety

Commander Venus - fun project with a young Conor Oberst. Check out the tracks "My Other Car Is a Spaceship" and "Showcase Showdown."

The Good Life - Album of the Year

standout tracks: Lovers Need Lawyers, October Leaves, Night and Day

Also two excellent daytrotter sessions. This version of Sierra is just beyond.


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  1. That version of Sierra is indeed massive. Cursive was the first Kasher stuff that I ever heard, and I remember later being blown away that, given how raw it all seemed, he was able to seamlessly switch into other genres, like the MUCH more indie-rock-y The Good Life. With Cursive it always seemed like something was being exorcised, and while there's certainly still a cathartic element in the lyrical content of his other projects... man, it is downright whimsical sometimes!