Monday, March 22, 2010

Rediscovered: X-Men animated series

Read an article today on Topless Robot counting down the greatest episodes from the Fox X-Men series. Had re-watched Batman the last couple years and gained a whole new appreciation for its depth, art direction and subject matter but revisiting X-Men has proved just as enjoyable. Season one soon on its way from Netflix :)

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  1. I admit that that article makes it sound like a totally bomb series, but whereas my experiences revisiting Batman: TAS have only resulted in a greater appreciation for its complexity, any time I have watched either the X-Men or Spider-Man cartoons in my post-adolescence I have been terribly disappointed. Perhaps I am remembering them wrong, though, or maybe I saw the wrong episodes in these instances. I just remember them devoting more and more episodes to sprawling, unsatisfying multi-part stories, which coupled with the dodgy product-of-the-90s "craftsmanship" and generally poor voice acting left kind of a shitty taste in my mouth.